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    Friendly Footprints is accustomed to providing solar energy and waste management solutions all around the Gujarat.

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    Best Solar Panel Company In Vadodara

    With nearly three years of experience in providing home rooftop solar power, Friendly Footprints have a proven history and reputation for quality services. With guaranteed service and all-inclusive protection and monitoring services, Friendly Footprints claims to have your back and your wallet in mind.

    Get the best quality solar products like solar rooftops, solar components, solar LED lights, solar panels and other solar energy equipment at the best rate with government subsidy enabled. 

    Apart from Gujarat, we extend our services also in Chhattisgarh. A solar panel subsidy is also available in Chhattisgarh, making things even more economical. 

    In the past three years, we have accomplished 650 successful projects. Friendly Footprints look forward to illuminating your home or building with solar energy.

    Benefits of solar panels

    Economic savings

    Solar energy significantly reduces cost because it is produced from the Sun – an inexhaustible power source. Ultimately, it eliminates your monthly electric bills. Moreover, you also receive money for the surplus energy you export to the grid.

    Enjoy Rebates & Incentives

    Based on your location, the cost of installing a home solar system can be reduced by up to 50%.

    Low maintenance cost

    Solar panels do not require much maintenance; they require occasional cleaning yearly. Only the inverter is required to change after 5-10 years because it continuously works to convert solar energy into electricity. It has no moving parts, so there will be no wear and tear.

    Environment friendly

    By opting for solar rooftop systems, you also contribute to the green and renewable energy source that benefits the environment. Solar panels are entirely green, with no air pollution, water pollution, and greenhouse gas effects.

    Reliable energy source

    You no longer need to rely on traditional electricity sources; there will be no more power cuts once a solar energy system is installed.

    Increase your property value

    Equipping your home with solar panels drives up property values for selling in future.

    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    1) What is the solar panel installation cost in India?

    The overall solar panel installation cost range for a 1 KW solar system in India is Rs. 45,000 to Rs. 70,000.

    2) Are solar panels high maintenance?

    No, solar panels don’t need a lot of maintenance. However, since accumulated dust has the potential to slightly reduce power output, you should clean them occasionally.

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