Solar LED Lights: Components Defined in Layman Terms

Solar LED Lights

Solar Powered LED Light

Solar-powered LED lights are street lights or area/parking lights fully powered by solar energy. They come in different shapes and sizes with optional features like motion sensors and remote controls. 

They can be used at places where it is difficult to wire. They can be installed at homes and for commercial purposes such as: 

  • Pathway illumination
  • Lighting up the night 
  • Eco-friendly security lights 

Solar LED Light Components

Solar street lights are the most functional outdoor lighting system that works automatically from sunset to sunrise. These led lights use only green and renewable solar energy for their operation. 

The primary components of a solar street light are:

Solar Panel 

The solar panel absorbs solar energy and converts it into usable electricity to illuminate the solar street light. The process is known as the photovoltaic effect. The street light’s performance majorly depends on the type and wattage of solar panels, and the size of the solar cells determines the amount of electricity generated. 

Polycrystalline or monocrystalline are commonly used in solar street lights.  

Rechargeable Battery 

A battery’s primary function in a solar street light system is to store the converted electric energy to illuminate the light source at night. Modern street lights mostly use lithium-ion or LiPO4 batteries. 

Charge Controller 

The function of the controller is to protect the battery from overcharging or undercharging. These controllers provide multi-stage charging and convert excess voltage into amperage extending battery life. The converted electricity gets stored in the battery via the controller. 

Light Source 

The photoreceptors in the lamp sense when the conversion process stops and turn on the light using the stored electricity in the battery. LED is the most common light source since it consumes less energy than fluorescent and incandescent lamps. 

LED Light with Solar Panel

The heart of the unit is an LED light with solar panels and a battery. An outdoor solar system can be installed anywhere with sufficient light. The lighting may come in various forms, such as spotlights, sign lighting, garden feature floodlights, and light poles. 

Solar panels are a good choice for LED lighting because:

  • LED Lights Are Energy-Efficient and Save on Costs
  • LED Lights provide higher visibility
  • LED lights and solar panels both have a long lifespan.

Solar LED garden lights

Illuminated gardens throughout the night make the space more lively, attractive, and safe. A well-lit garden also adds value to the property. Solar LED garden lights are best suitable for property owners as these lights are more economical. 

Commercial and residential properties both employ decorative exterior lights. The main benefit of solar-powered lighting is how affordable it is. Since there is no wire needed, installing solar garden lighting is simple. 

Because solar garden lights turn on and off automatically, using them is also quite easy. All weather conditions are appropriate for these lights because they are meant to be waterproof.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the solar led light price in India?

A 20-watt solar street light can cost around Rs. 17,000. 

What type of LED is used in solar street lights?

The most popular type of LED for solar street lighting is one with a cool white color.

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